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Public reporting

The press, radio and television play an important part in overcoming the prejudice against left-handedness. Information has to be correct and well presented; it should enlighten on the subject, which has to be treated responsibly, making it clear that handedness is the manifestation of motorial dominance of the brain hemisphere contralateral to the hand concerned. Changing the natural handedness is always an interference in a person’s brain.

Many journalists have engaged in this educational work, sometimes presenting the subject in humorous form. The reporting about our work that has become known to us has been documented in a publication. This also contains interviews and parts of talkshows dealing with the subject (e.g. Franziska Bielek’s “Samstagsclub”, pp. 277-280; Günther Jauch/Heiner Lauterbach’s “Sag die Wahrheit”, pp. 359-367; Ilona Christen on handedness, pp. 412-416). Several articles were included in the book Links und Rechts in der Wahrnehmung des Menschen. Zur Geschichte der Linkshändigkeit (meaning: Left and right in the perception of human beings. Comments on the history of left-handedness).

Article: Saal, Kathleen, Lefties have rights, too! In: Munich Found. Winter 1996/97


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