and Information.

The Consultant-Network for Lefthanders and
scientific Information about Lefthandedness
in Childhood, Profession and Leisure.

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Being Lefthanded is not a Handicap!

We help Lefthanders and their Families,
where Lefthandedness seems to be a Problem,
to make it a Strength.

On this page you will find:
  • Information from Research and Teaching
  • Children Groups for Lefthanders
  • Individual Lefthander Consulting near you
  • Network for certified Lefthander-Consultants and Consultants for Handedness
  • Information about Training and Certification as Lefthander-Consultant

Children Groups for Lefthanders for Writing preparation

Information about Lefthandedness

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about Lefthandedness and its perception as a problem …

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Network for certified Lefthander-Consultants



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Do you want to become a certified
Lefthander-Consultant, too?

The following places support courses and training to become
a certified Lefthander-Consultant:
Bad Nenndorf (Hannover), Berlin, Bremen, Leipzig, München.

Training is held in German.

Request a complete list of courses and detailed information about
training and certification! Just send us an email with your application.