Activities of the Consulting and Information Center

  • Informing people involved about left-handedness and the consequences of converting the handedness
  • Preventing the conversion of handedness
  • Offering aids to parents and members of professional groups dealing with left-handed children and adults
  • Offering aids to converted left-handers
  • Offering aids and scientific support during the reconversion of handedness; evaluation of the findings
  • Designing workplaces and utensils for left-handers

Medical record book for children

In addition to informing those affected and preventing conversion, it is of utmost importance at an early stage to warn parents against the dangers of converting a left-handed child (first when the child is 18 months old and again at the age of about 41/2). An information flier handed out to parents could help the family doctor to take effective precautions and pass on useful hints and tips in time.

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