Diagnosis of Handedness, a Measure of Medical Prevention? Left-handed and Converted Left-handed Children and Young People

Conversion of handedness may have severe negative consequences in school education and for the general health of a person. The cause lies in irritations and strains occurring in the cerebral processes, often leading to psychological and psychosomatical disturbances. The correct diagnosis of handedness is therefore of utmost importance. It should not be made by quick and simple testing methods as is often expected from family doctors and pediatricians.

Among the topics discussed are the early dominance of one hand in left-handed and right-handed children respectively (first until second year of life), as well as the changing, unstable use of hands by other children (often until they start school). A comment on this phenomenon in a child’s medical file might enable purposeful preventive measures.

A brief checklist forming part of the medical examination for school enrolment may spare some left-handed children the fate of learning to write with the right hand (i.e. as converted left-handers). In addition, however, it is necessary to initiate preventive measures and instruct parents thoroughly.

No prognosis can be made whether or to what degree a reconversion to the dominant hand can be successful.

Experts see also the Questionnaire for the evaluation of handedness (by Dr. Johanna Barbara Sattler) and the Questionnaire for the isolation of converted handedness and partial disturbances in performance (by Dr. Johanna Barbara Sattler as well as the article “‘Ambidextrous People’ are Brain-Damaged“.

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