Diagnosis of Handedness

Article for Paediatricians

Diagnosis of Handedness, a Measure of Medical Prevention?

Left-handed and Converted Left-handed Children and Young People

Johanna Barbara Sattler

“Linkshändige und umgeschulte linkshändige Kinder und Jugendliche”

In: Kinder- und Jugendarzt. Zeitschrift des Berufsverbandes der Ärzte für Kinderheilkunde und Jugendmedizin Deutschlands e.V., 32. Jg., Februar 2001, S. 139-147.
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Among the topics discussed are the early dominance of one hand in left-handed and right-handed children respectively (first until second year of life), as well as the changing, unstable use of hands by other children (often until they start school). A comment on this phenomenon in a child`s medical file might enable purposeful preventive measures.

A brief checklist forming part of the medical examination for school enrolment may spare some left-handed children the fate of learning to write with the right hand (i.e. as converted left-handers). In addition, however it is necessary to initiate preventive measures and instruct parents thoroughly.

No prognosis can be made whether or to what degree a reconversion to the dominant hand can be successful.

Key words: Left-handedness, conversion of handedness, child`s medical file
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