The Consulting and Information Center for Left-handers and Converted Left-handers came into being in 1985. It originated from a self-help project initiated by parents of left-handed children, converted left-handers and regular left-handers. They directed requests for advice and for help to a team of (unpaid) experts, who were working on a research project together with a number of universities.

They were soon joined by persons from different professional fields, who were working with left-handers. Courses and workshops were organized and contact was established with other institutions and experts.

In the beginning the Consulting Center was financed with money from a self-help support fund. Two years later it was run on regular official support and private donations. For details regarding the foundation, the development and history of the Consulting Center see the above-mentioned book “Links und Rechts in der Wahrnehmung des Menschen. Zur Geschichte der Linkshändigkeit” p. 20 f. and p. 375-401.

In August 1999 the Center was re-named “Erste deutsche Beratungs- und Informationsstelle für Linkshänder und umgeschulte Linkshänder” (meaning: First Consulting and Information Center in Germany for Left-handers and Converted Left-handers).

Article: Saal, Kathleen, Lefties have rights, too! In: Munich Found. Winter 1996/97